Maison des Arts

About us

We are Prosper and Christel De Maeyer-Merckx

More than twenty years ago we already dreamed about it... To open a Bed & Breakfast in the Ardennes where we regularly went on holiday. Usually we went with a caravan because with dogs you're not welcome everywhere. However, it then remained a dream because our common sense told us that to give up our jobs without any security, was not really an option.

By a meeting with a Falconer from Graide, who lives in a beautiful setting, our love for the Ardennes came up again. And, now it was possible, should we move there? Yes, that decision was quickly taken. But maybe we also could chase our dream and start a Bed & Breakfast? We decided to go for it and after some searching we found this farm. There were alterations needed (we were going to do it ourselves) but that didn't stop us. We have worked long and hard and now our Bed & Breakfast is ready.